The Canner's Tool Box

The Canner's Tool Box

So you've never canned anything before. Have no fear. With the right kitchen and canning tools, your first canning experience will be much more enjoyable than if you were unprepared. But you certainly need the best kitchen tools you can afford because the right tools will serve you on evey canning job for a long time. Some of the canning tools you will need, such as knives, measuring cups, and colanders, are probably already in your kitchen. Other canning tools, such as  a jar lifter or a lid wand, are unique to canning and will require a minimal investment. 

You likely already have the basic canning and preserving tools: measuring cups for dry and liquid ingredients, measuring spoons, potholders, kitchen towels and paper towels, heat-resistant rubber spatulas, vegetable peeler, lemon juicer, cutting board, and scissors for opening food packages. If not, they are readily available here at Canology. Of course when it comes to canning tools, nothing is more basic than a canner. Depending on the types of food you intend to can, you will need either a pressure canner (low acid foods) or a water bath canner (high acid foods). Additionally, the following basic tools are essential to your canning and preserving projects.

Pots, pans, mixing bowls, and more

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