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Canology's Canning Tips

Canology's Canning Tips

When it comes to canning your own foods, you should not forget that your health and safety is the number one priority. For this reason it is important to avoid using canning methods other than water bath canning and pressure canning. Please note that the following canning methods are known to be unsafe and therefore should not be utilized by home canners: 

1.  Always use fresh fruit. Canning overripe fruit is simply a complete waste of time. It is tantamount to securing fake gold at Fort Knox. When you get around to retrieving your gold, it surely will not be worth the trouble. 

2. Do not modify your canning recipes. Adding additional low acid ingredients to your canning recipes can be very dangerous. Adding low acid ingredients will affect the time and temperature required to kill the harmful bacteria during the canning process. In other words, one you have lowered the recipe's acidity by adding additional low acid foods, the time and temperatures called for by the original recipe may be insufficient. Generally, however, you can add additional spices and herbs to your canning recipes. But do not get carried away when doing so. Similarly, it is also fine to add lemon juice, an ingredient which will only increase the acidity of your recipe. 

3. Always be mindful of your region's altitude. The altitude of your location will have an affect on the processing time required to kill harmful bacteria if you live at an altitude of 1,000 feet or more. Check your canning recipe to see if it contains a conversion chart or check with your local county extension office. 

See Canology's Guide to Canning for further details on the steps of home canning. 

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