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FAQ - Freezing

Freezing - FAQ

How long will my frozen food last in the freezer?

Indefinetly, if you keep your food frozen below 0F. We highly recommend the use of vacuum sealer bags to preserve the quality of your food items. These bags remove the harmful oxygen that is contained in the food container and therefore protect the food from freezer burn.

What foods can be frozen? 

Almost everything you buy can be frozen, including bread. Just be mindful that some foods such as canned foods and egg shells may be inappropriate for freezing, as they will lose their consistency and be unusable. 

Why is freezing an effective way to preserve food? 

Simply, the cold temperature slows down the rate bacteria is able to grown, thereby making your food last longer. 

Freezer burn is food deterioration caused when frozen food is exposed while in the freezer. Although freezer burned for is safe to eat, the quality (and taste) of the food is compromised, as the food will be dry and will have a leathery texture. 

Blanching simply refers to scalding vegetables in boiling water or steam for a short period of time. It is a good idea to blanch vegetables prior to freezing them because blanching slows down certain naturally ocurring enzymes which will cause vegetables to lose flavor, color and texture. 

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