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Most Popular Canning Websites

1. Canning 101 Learn the benefits of canning for storing food. This article explains how to get started.

2. National Center for Home Food Preservation The number one source for canning safety and canning science.

3. Home Canning Preserves Taste, Nutrition and Self-Reliance This article examines why canning is experiecing a resurgence. 

4. Home Canning - Jars and Lids Learn eveything you need to know about jars and lids at this canning website.  

5. How to Learn Home Canning Basics A great overview of the basic canning steps - great for the new home canner.

6. Small Measure Great resource for home canners looking for recipes and tips. 

7. Home Canning Safety Put safety first and get to know how to safely use common canning tools.  

8. Canning USA This fabulous canning website features many canning recipes, tip, and how to advice. 

9. All American Cookers   This site links you to home canning suppliers. 

10. How to Start Home Canning - Understanding How It Works Explore diverse approaches to home canning with this website. 

11. Home Canning - How to Avoid Botulism Place canning safety first with this article.

12. How to Prepare Your Equipment for Canning Preparation is the key to canning, including preparing your canning equipment.

13. Successful Home Canning This home canning article explains what tools you need to make canning an easy process to perform on a regular basis.

14. Basic Canning Terms Puzzled by all of the canning lingo on various sites and in books? This article breaks down the terms so you know what's what when you start your home caning projects.

15. Canning & Preserving This article breaks down the best of the best when it comes to the equipment required to can at home.

Self-Canning Tips

Need to know what jars to pick and how long food will stay canned? Consult these helpful self-canning tips.

16. Food In Jars A great blog by Marissa McClellam covering canning and food preserving. 

17. How to Organize an Outdoor Canning Party If you have friends or family who want to get in on the canning action, host a canning party. This article gives you the scoop on how to create workstations and make the project fun for guests.

18. How to Start a Home Canning Business If you want to take home canning to the next level, a small business may be for you. Learn how to get started and start selling your home preserves to the public.

19. Eco Centrism This site is all about going green and with that comes more sustainable living that includes home canning methods.

20. A Self-Sufficient Life Those who are looking to be self-reliant and those looking to save a few bucks can benefit from home canning because it allows you to keep food longer and actually consume it.

21. The Parma Food Storage Blog The community of Parma share their food storage tips, many of which include canning ideas you can add to your recipe book.

22. Wasted Food America throws away nearly half of our food. This site is devoted to making us think about our food, where it comes from and where it goes.

23. Sustainable Table While this website no longer publishes, there's plenty of canning info in the archives.

24. Diggin Food - Canning Great recipes and tips for freezing vegetables and creating unique preserves like carmelized red onion relish.

25. Homegrown Evolution This is a site all about self-sustaining and living off the land. A great site for those who grow and can at home.

26. How to Homestead Living a self-reliant life requires living off the land and preserving all you can once cold weather arrives. This site helps you see how others can and manage during winter.

27. Rurally Screwed This city girl made the transfer to living in the country a few years ago and is making canning cool again. If anything, this blog proves nearly anyone can pick up canning

28. Slow Food This is the official website of a non-profit organization that is devoted to helping others take pride in the food they consume. Learn about gardening and canning on a global level.

29. Mormon Food Storage Techniques Mormons must be prepared at all times, which leads them to be experts in self-canning, which is affordable and easy to store, even in large numbers.

Canning Different Types of Food

Canning requires different things depending on what type of food you're looking to keep. These sites will help you make the distinction and can properly.

30. Food Preservation: Yes We Can! Canning tips for everything from tomatoes, pickles, jams and more. This is a great site for exploring new ideas for at-home canning.

31. Ball Canning Recipes This site goes over ball canning recipes, which are ideal for those who simply dabble in self-canning as a hobby and do not can in bulk.

32. Chili Con Carne Those from the South will appreciate this canning recipe for a Mexican chili that can keep for years and warmed up in winter for a hearty meal.

33. Canning & Preserving Methods Forum Chat with other at-home canners who can show you the ropes when it comes to putting everything in a jar.

34. Canning Bacon Of all of the meats, bacon works brilliantly for canning and preserves just as tasty as when it comes off the grill.

35. Home Canned Turkey Soup Canning soups is the perfect jump off point for beginner canners who want accessible meals for a big family.

36. Chocolate Pear Pudding Recipe While this is a conventional pudding recipe, it can be canned and offers a new spin on standard chocolate pudding thanks to the pears that are mixed in.

37. Salsa Party Why buy salsa when you can make and jar your own? This post provides a delicious recipe for getting all of those spicy notes in jar that can be used for parties and get-togethers.

38. Canning Chili Find out how this self-reliant woman creates her favorite canned chili for a quick homemade meal during the dead of winter.

39. Home Canning Salmon Recipes There are endless possibilities on what you can do with canned salmon. This website goes over everything from salmon cakes to peppered salmon.

40. What to Do With All That Applesauce? Seasoned canners may realize they go overboard producing a certain type of food, such as applesauce. Here's an innovative idea on what to do when you're sick of the mushy stuff.

41. Rabbit and Squirrel For those living off the land, canning rabbit and squirrel meat is essential. This illustrated how-to article will show you how to make a tasty canned meat that can be preserved for months.

42. How to Make Pickles There's nothing like the crunch and flavor of homemade pickles. A great starting point for beginners to explore canning vegetables.

43. How to Can Tomato Sauce Tomato sauce can be canned and used throughout the year. This site provides a recipe for a delicious take on the staple and also illustrates the proper technique.

44. Canned Eggs Canning eggs was once known as waterglassing. Learn how to preserve eggs that can be consumed anytime of year, straight from the jar.

Instructional Videos for Self Canning

Some of us need to see it to believe it. These instructional videos on self-canning will help you get an idea of what you should be doing through the process.

45. So Easy to Preserve This eight part DVD series walks you through home canning and is the perfect companion for a beginner.

46. Vital Recipe - Home Canning Basics This five part series can be viewed for free online and goes over canning 101, along with visuals.

47. How to Preserve Tomatoes Tomatoes are one of the most tasty things to can that can be used in a myriad of ways after opened. This video walks you through canning perfect tomatoes.

48. Ball Home Canning This video explains food contamination and how to prevent your food from spoiling due to wrong techniques used when canning.

49. The Joy of Canning - What to Can? This video has brilliant ideas for new canning ideas involving squash, tomatoes and more.

50. Making Peach Preserves Watching this video of a family making peach preserves will show you that self-canning can be a fun activity for everyone in the house. Even the kids can participate!

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