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Unsafe Canning Methods

Unsafe Canning Methods

When it comes to canning your own foods, you should not forget that your health and safety is the number one priority. For this reason it is important to avoid using canning methods other than water bath canning and pressure canning. Please note that the following canning methods are known to be unsafe and therefore should not be utilized by home canners: 

1.  Oven Canning: Oven canning relies on placing filed jars in a hot oven. But the problem with oven canning is that the internal temperature in the canning jars cannot be determined. This means that there is no guarantee that the temperature is sufficient to kill harmful bacteria - bacteria that is capable of making you and your family ill or even causing death. Besides that issue, there is a risk that the canning jars will explode. So do not try oven canning. 

2. Steam Canning: Although we have seen other retailers offer steam canner for sale, you will not find such device on Canology.com - for one simple reason: steam canning is not safe. Steam canning entails placing jars in a covered pot and allowing the steam to heat the canning jars. Steam canning simply cannot reliably produce sufficient and sustained heat to destroy harmful bacteria. Again, do not place yourself and your family at risk. 

3. Microwave Canning: Although microwave ovens can produce plenty of heat, the amount of heat produced by microwave ovens will vary by the oven model. As with the other unsafe methods, it is impossible to know the temperature of the canning jar inside the microwave oven. But adding to the problem is the fact that canning jar lids are made of metal. As you probably already know, you cannot safely run a microwave oven with metal inside the over. 

4.Untreated Canning: Untreated canning is very dangerous. In untreated canning, food is cooked and then poured into sterile canning jars. Insufficient cooking temperature and cooking time are the hallmark deficienies of this method - not to mention the danger of bacteria from the air entering the canning jars. Do not use this method, as it will nearly certainly harm you and your family. We reiterate that the only safe home canning methods are using a water bath canner for high acid foods and a pressure canner for low acid foods. 

See Canology's Guide to Canning for further details on the steps of home canning. 

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