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All American Pressure Canner 930


The All American features a dual gauge system which allows you to easily and reliably determine canning pressure.  The weighted gauge rattles when the internal canning pressure reaches a specified level.  It never needs calibration and is always accurate.  If you prefer to track and monitor the canning pressure during the entire canning process, you will enjoy the luxury of the All American's easy to read geared steam gauge, which displays a beautiful graphical representation of the canning pressure.  

The All American is the only pressure canner that does not utilize a rubber gasket, which is a rubber part that serves to help form a tight seal.  The problem with rubber and heat is that over time rubber wears and needs to be replaced.  You will not have to deal with this issue with the All American.  The All American utilizes a patented metal to metal seal that utilizes no rubber parts.  The metal to metal seal is firmly secured by six positive action wing nuts which allow you to easily open the seal and firmly tighten it.  So the All American will always work perfectly and you will never spend your time or money replacing worn, rubber gaskets.      

The All American is the perfect canner for the most demanding canners who seek the highest performing kitchen products. This canner will not only last your entire lifetime, itís the canner that will be passed down to your kids and grand kids.

Feature Summary:

*   Crafted from heavy duty, high grade, hand cast aluminum. 
*   Metal-to-metal seal between top and base allow for leak proof steaming devoid of rubber parts. 
*   Cool touch bakelite lid handle. 
*   Double thickness edges for additional protection on points of heaviest wear 
*   Clampable lid allows for easy sealing and lid removal. 
*   Built-in easy to read gauges provide for easy monitoring of steam and pressure levels. 
*   Pressure regulator weight with settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi. 
*   Built in automatic overpressure release safely releases any excess pressure. 
*   Smooth, easy to clean satin finsh. 
*   Measurements: 19" height;12.25" inside diameter; weight =21.25 pounds. 
*   Regular Mason Jar capacity: 19 pint jars; 14 quart jars.

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