Grip EZ Apple Corer

Grip EZ Apple Corer

The Grip EZ Apple Corer is a fantiastic apple corer and will allow you to easily core apples for baking or canning. The handle has a patented, ergonomically designed shape to fit perfectl for right or left hand use and features an oversized handle and finger indents. These features allow you to hold the handle without strain and to prepare for baking or canning.  

Measures .75"/2cm diameter.  Dishwasher safe. 

Our Price: $7.99

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By: Patcharee on 04/28/2014 11:30:39 PM

I think a rating sytesm is a good idea, but I'd much prefer to rate out of five stars than vote up or down. It's the rating method most people are used to and makes it much easier to get an overview of the most and least popular.Also, for the plus and minus ratings on the comments, I'd really like if the page didn't refresh every time you rate. I know it makes me think twice before rating and I'm sure it puts others off too.Love the site, thank you so much!


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