BallFreshTech Jam & Jelly Maker

BallFreshTech Jam & Jelly Maker

Interested in making and canning your own homemade jam or jelly? The Ball FreshTech Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker is the one and only must have device. The FreshTech will allow you to make a variety of spreads and fruit ingredients like blueberry, peaches or strawberries along with pectin, sugar and butter. You can even male a reduced sugar recipe for low calorie jam. 

The innovative new Ball FreshTech Jam & Jelly Maker appliance will make a fruit spread in just 30 minutes. Instead of the traditional time-consuming large batch canning method, the user friendly jam and jelly maker can make small batches. Now you can try-out fun new recipes and experiment with old recipes without the commitment of making a large batch. The machine has two settings, one for jam and the other for jelly. Includes a Ball recipe book and features a nonstick interior for easy cleanup. 

Our Price: $89.99

Reviews and Ratings


By: Sanjay on 05/20/2015 12:23:54 AM

This arclite keeps it real, no doubt.

Jam & Jelly Maker

By: Lyn on 09/25/2013 06:52:17 PM

Love it except for the fact I have to wait in between making two batches of jam. Gets overheated WAY too quickly. And the lid is very tippy. Would prefer a lid that is a little more secure. But the jam is great and I LOVE your pizza sauce. I have made 18 jars of it so far.

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