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Granite Ware Canning Pot & Rack

Durable porcelain-enamel on steel construction with high sides and rack insert cans pint-size to gallon-size jars of vegetables, fruits, sauces or meats 
Durable, dark porcelain enamel on steel distributes heat evenly to heat jars uniformly and cook foods at consistent temperature 
Simmer large quantities of soup, sauce, stew or chili 
Nonporous, porcelain enamel creates a natural nonstick, easy-release surface 
Slightly domed lid allows air and moisture to circulate, ensuring melding of flavors 
Ideal to cook a large quantity of potatoes, pasta or corn on the cob 
Stainless-steel rack insert provides the ideal elevated base to steam shellfish 
Long rack handles to easily lower or lift jars or shellfish 
Ample-size pot for shore dinners 
Looped, easy-grip pot handles for safe transport 
PFOA-, PTFE-free and chemical-free 
21-1/2 quart stockpot accommodates up to 7 standard-size 1-quart jars 
Not recommended for use on glass stove tops 
The American designer of porcelain-enamel on steel cookware for six generations, Granite Ware continues to be a preferred choice of professional chefs and home gourmets
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