Global Amici Rainbow Spice Jars (Set of 4, Assorted Colors)

Global Amici Rainbow Spice Jars (Set of 4, Assorted Colors)

Global Amici Rainbow Spice Jars (Set of 4, Assorted Colors)

Whoever said that canning has to be boring and mundane? Store your canning spices in style with Global Amici storage jars! Global Amici jars are perfect for storing frequently used ingredients because they provide easy access. Best of all, these vintage-style glass jars look just as good on the countertop as they do in the pantry. Each one features a different color gasket for sealing in freshness.

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By: Arya on 04/14/2015 01:55:14 PM

Oi emmones mkweirn me ton Ant1 exei katanthsei grafiko....Sas xalaei to kanali h to programma dn mporw na katalavw eilikrina!!! To 2o nai 8a to katalavw gousta einai auta o ka8enas oti 8elei vlepei. To 1o mou einai akatanohto...apo pou k ws pou mporeis na mn sou aresei ena kanali! se xalaei to shma tou? ti sas xalaei e3hgeiste mou!! Exoun fagwthei oloi me enan ant1 k me enan alpha pia! Hmarton... kai sth teliki to programma tous aggizei makran perissotero tv tou 2010 oxi san tou mega pou synexeia nomizw oti vriskete sth dekaetia '90 akoma (e3airesh mystika ths edem k h zwh ths allhs)...


By: Open on 04/13/2015 01:04:48 PM

This would be a great boon to people such as meyslf who want to do small batches. It also just might get me moving again because I would have a basket to put in the pot. And then I could justify getting a pot. I have moved into a new house after a divorce and lost all my canning supplies in the mean time. I have been collecting jars as they have become available at Goodwill, but haven't actually canned yet. I no longer have access to inexpensive fruit and my attempt at gardening last season was a bit of a flop. But I am on a crusade to can more instead of freezing. After all, what would happen if we lost power, which we periodically do! Thanks so much for your blog. I read faithfully and collect the recipes. All good intentions!

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