GrainMaker Model No. 35

GrainMaker Model No. 35

We sell several models of the GrainMaker food mills and, in all honesty, our job could not be any easier. By far, GrainMaker makes the finest engineered and crafted grain makers in the world. These products are made right here in the USA and come with a lifetime heirloom guarantee. So no matter which GrainMaker model you choose, you will pass it down to your children and grandchildren. We've created a GrainMaker Product Comparison Chart to make your decision easier.

Superior Construction 

At the heart of the GrainMaker brand is quality construction - which is why GrainMakers come with the heirloom guarantee on each and every part! GrainMakers are constructed using steel. Unlike with inferior products, even all of the grinding burrs are individually constructed from hardened alloy steel. There are no small, delicate parts to break or get lost in your media. Additionally, you will love the fact that GrainMakers feature four predrilled holes in the base of the mill. These predrilled holds conveniently allow the mill to be bolted to a surface for secure operation. (Specially made GrainMaker clamps are required to secure the unit using the predrilled holes. Get special pricing on the clamps with your GrainMaker order today.) 

Unmatched, Industry Leading Performance 

The peace of mind provided by GrainMaker's superior engineering is fully reflected in the unit's exceptional performance. The Model No. 35  features an adjustable click and lock knob which allows you to determine the desired consistency of your media and then set that consistency level by simply locking the knob in place. Once you have set your desired media consistency (fine to craked), the Model 35's 3 cup steel hopper will allow you to work at a fair pace. The GrainMaker easily grinds small grains using an included coil auger. An included GrainBreaker auger will allow you to grind everything from grains, corn, legumes, coffee beans, flax seed and most dehydrated vegetables and nuts. If we had to list everything the GrainMaker could grind we would have an unenviable task - everything from wheat berries to corn, to spelt, kamut, dried beans, barley and quioa. Simply put, this is a very versatile and reliable machine. No matter your age - you will have it for the rest of your life.

Purchase Your GrainMaker Today 

Every day you delay purchasing your GrainMaker is one day less you will have to spend the rest of your life enjoying it. We've already done the hard work for you - we have found truly the best in class GrainMaker! Order your GrainMaker today and enjoy same day shipping through UPS from our door straight to yours. You will be enjoying your new GrainMaker right out of the box. Questions? Do not hesitate to call us at 855-4-CANOLOGY (855-422-6656).

Our Price: $319.99

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