8 Piece Water Bath Set

8 Piece Water Bath Set

Get started canning right away with the Granite Ware 21.5 Quart Steel Water Bath Canner 8 Piece Kit, complete with all the great accessories listed below. Enjoy your favorite home-grown fruits, jams, pickles, salsas, and jellies all year long! Easy to use and made of durable porcelain over steel, this huge pot holds 7 quart jars, 9 pint jars, or 13 half-pint jars. The included wire jar rack makes lifting jars out easy, and it's custom-fit to not waste any space. This canner has a flat bottom so it works well on gas or electric stoves, and has loop handles on both the lid and the pot for extra safety. Domed lid traps in heat. 

This 8 piece kit includes a 21.5 quart canner and lid, 7 jar rack, 9" colander, lid wrench, funnel tongs, jar lifter, and magnetic lid lifter. 

Pot dimensions: 16.25" L x 10" W x 14.25" H. Holds 7 quart jars, 9 pint jars, or 13 half-pint jars. 


Our Price: $47.99

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