Nesco Professional Food Slicer FS-150PR

Nesco Professional Food Slicer FS-150PR

Nesco Professional Food Slicer FS-150PR

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Are you serious about saving money and time? Then why not buy your food in bulk and quickly slice it down to size for storage and consumption? 

The Nesco Professional Food Slicer is the perfect tool for this task. Whether you are slicing big game, lamb, steaks, cheese, cold cuts or bread, you will enjoy using this machine. The cutting mechanisim is adjustable, which gives you complete control over the cut size. The unit features a heavy duty 150 watt motor - plenty power for the toughest cutting jobs. The power motor, along with a large stainless steel, undulated blade, guarantees a clean cut everytime. And when your cutting work is complete, clean-up is a breeze. The slide bar and carriage are removable for easy and effortless cleaning. The die-cast aluminum housing makes this food slicer durable for long time use, while the non-slip rubber feet add stability. Enjoy deli-style slicing within the comfort of your home with this high-quality, aluminum food slicer.

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By: Bobby on 04/13/2015 08:01:06 AM

Reading this makes my deosiicns easier than taking candy from a baby.


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