Nesco Dehydrator FD 1020

Nesco Dehydrator FD 1020
A notable feature of Nesco's 1020 dehydrator is a design that puts the fan and motor on top of the unit instead of at the bottom. Particularly moist foods - think tomatoes, watermelon and peaches - can drip down into a heater that's at the bottom of the unit, causing a hard-to-clean, sticky, baked-on mess. The top mount in this model keeps the mechanicals clean and dry. With a 15-inch diameter, the dehydrator takes up no more room on your counter than a dinner plate. With its four trays and power head, it stands just short of 10 inches tall, so it stores easily in a standard kitchen cabinet. If space is at a premium, this style is likely preferable to the box styles also on the market, which have a footprint of about 18 inches in length and width. Height of those units is fixed, too, so trays cannot be added or removed for more compact storage. Power: Most dehydrators sold to consumers have motors in the 400- to 700-watt range, but the Nesco 1020's motor draws 1,000 watts, and that means faster drying times. The fan - which Nesco calls the Converga-Flow - moves the heated air down through the unit as well as sideways across every tray, then into the center for total coverage. 

If you've used a dehydrator before, you likely had to rotate its trays to get your food dried evenly, but because of the airflow design and wattage in this unit, there's no need to move trays during the drying process. The extra power gives the 1020 faster drying times than other consumer models. According to the Clemson University extension's food safety specialists, apple slices cut 1/8-inch thick will take an average of six to 12 hours to dry in a dehydrator; in the 1020, the same apple slices are dried in four to six hours. The adjustable digital thermostat, with a range of 90 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, lets you select the exact temperature for the food to prevent overdrying. The unit is also whisper-quiet, which can't be said of some dehydrators on the market, and it's among the most powerful consumer units available. 
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