Deluxe Flavor Injector

Deluxe Flavor Injector

Add Flavor To Your Favorite Meats

Really, what is the point in buying and preparing your favorite meats only to have them taste bland?  With the Norpro Deluxe Flavor Injector you will be able to taste and enjoy your meats just the way you want - without guessing and hoping about the flavor.  The Deluxe Flavor Injector is a professional grade device.  It allows you to easily and precisely inject your meats with flavor throughout.  We say "precisely" because this injector has measurement marks so you will be able accurately ensure that your food has the right amount of flavor.  Additionally, two specially designed holes on the heavy duty, nickle plated copper needle ensure for even dispensing of your flavors - exactly where you want the flavor.   

7 tsp./35ml capacity. 
Measures 8.5"/21.5cm.

Our Price: $14.99

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