Norpro Jumbo Tomato Press

Norpro Jumbo Tomato Press
Norpro Jumbo Tomato Press
Norpro Jumbo Tomato Press

Cuts Canning Time In Half

If you grow your own tomatoes at home, you know that by the end of summer you'll have so many of them that there isn't any possible way of ever eating them all. If you always end up with a ridiculous over-successful tomato harvest and want to be able to make your own fresh tomato sauces, this tomato press is for you! It works like a charm. Simply load up the huge 10 inch hopper with cut tomatoes, turn the handle and watch as the stainless steel screen automatically separates the tomato pulp from the seeds and skin. It even strains other fruits and vegetables as well, so you'll be making and enjoying healthy, nutritious, all-natural, preservative-free sauces, soups, jams, baby foods, pie fillings, juices, and much more in no time. 

Press fresh tomatoes for the ultimate sauce, marinara, salsa, juice, puree, paste or soup. Ideal for applesauce. Attaches securely to counter or table with suction base. Stainless steel mesh strains and dispenses puree through chute into tray. Easy to clean. Tray, pestle, recipes and instructions included. BPA free. Hopper capacity: 2.25 Qt/9C Tray capacity: 1.25 Qt/5C. 

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Reviews and Ratings

Norpro Jumbo Tomato Press

By: Joe on 06/06/2013 01:32:15 PM

I had a smaller version of this product before. This jumbo tomato press holds a lot more tomatoes. It is nice it also includes a press to push the tomatoes in. The other version I had had a metal handle & I hope this plastic handle holds up over time. It is very easy to use & there is very little waste of the tomatoes, if you put the tomatoes through several times. What is left is only part of the seeds & skin.


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