Stock Pot With Steamer Insert

Stock Pot With Steamer Insert

Stock Pot With Steamer Insert (15.5 Quart)

A versatile and handy 15.5 quart stock pot with steamer insert by Granite Ware. Granite Ware's technology for applying porcelain creates a durable, chip resistant product that will last most families a lifetime. The glass-like surface does not interact with or alter the taste of food, and even the most stubborn foods clean up easily. Porcelain enamel is the result of fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, usually between 750 and 850 degrees Celsius. The powder melts and flows and hardens to a durable vitreous coating on a carbon steel core. It creates a smooth, hard finish that wont burn and resists staining. Its also non -porous so it wont trap odors or food particles and provides a low coefficient of friction meaning that it cleans up easily and, it is corrosion and chemically resistant so it will last a long time. When fired, the vessel is placed on pins so the bottom and sides are hardened during the firing process into one smooth laminated glass surface. You may notice slight pin indentations where the glass has flowed around the pin that supports the base during firing. The pin marks do not compromise the finish or performance of the vessel in any way but you should take additional care in handling if using on glass top stove.

Our Price: $24.99

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