Taylor Pea Sheller Pan

Taylor Pea Sheller Pan

Taylor Pea Sheller Pan ittle Pea Sheller Receiving Pan. This is our most popular add-on for the Taylor Little Pea Shellers. Other pans do not fit very well. When you're shelling peas you don't want to be held up by an ill fitting receiving pan. This Little Pea Sheller Pan is custom made to fit properly underneath the tray. From personal experience I can tell you being able to hot swap out pans is a VERY BIG deal! When you're in a rhythm, you don't want to have to stop to dump the pan and put it back in place. Having a 2nd pan allows you just to pull out the full pan and quickly replace it with an empty pan and you're back in operation! Be a hero by getting a 2nd Taylor Little Pea Sheller receiving pan for the pea sheller in your life. Buy 1: $19.95 Each Buy 2: $18.95 Each Buy 4+: $16.95 Each

Buy Quan2:$18.95 Each
Buy Quan4+:$16.95 Each

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