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VacMaster Sealer Pro 90

  • VacMaster Pro 90 Total Freshness sealer appliance combines commercial quality with ease of use.
  • Specialty appliance is perfect for everyday kitchen use.
  • Pro 90 vacuum sealer operates in fully automatic mode, with two user options.
  • User options are Vacuum and Seal and Seal Now.
  • Machine sits at a slight downward angle so vacuum bags are slanted upward during sealing.
  • Minimizes the occurrence of liquids spilling into the machine.
  • Wider spill trough makes cleanup easy for any liquids that may spill into machine.
  • Small machine is easy to move, store or keep out on countertop.
  • Single piston pump.
  • Industry standard seal uses a 12.5-inch seal bar.
  • Accessory port for vacuum sealing canister.
  • Commercial difference is 3/16-inch seal strip versus 1/4-inch on other brand.
  •  Built in vacuum bag roll storage compartment with bag cutter. 

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