VacMaster Sealer Pro 90

VacMaster Sealer Pro 90

The VacMaster Pro 90 is no longer available. It has been replaced by an even better product, the VacMaster Pro 110 (click on the link to see the VacMaster Pro 110).

The VacMaster Pro 90 Total combines commercial quality with ease of operation, making it perfect for everyday kitchen use. The Pro 90 operates in fully automatic mode and gives the user two options - Vacuum and Seal and Seal Now. The machine is set at a slight downward angle so vacuum bags are slanted upward during sealing, minimizing the possibility of liquids spilling into the machine. the wider spill trough makes cleaning any liquids that do spill into the machine easier. This machine is smaller than the Pro 140, making it easier to move, store, or keep out on the countertop.

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By: Ayoubmoviah on 04/14/2015 01:41:33 PM

I love it!!! I'm single and a flgdilneg urban homesteader. I've been reading about canning and following your blog for a few months now. The only thing that's stopping me from jumping in is purchasing a lot of equipment and the fear of ruining my first batch of canning. I would love to get this starter kit and make the blueberry jam that you posted a few days ago. Did I understand you correctly that this kit will be available in stores soon? Awesome!


By: Emiko on 04/13/2015 08:37:56 AM

Hi G. Our favorite mehtod for tomatoes is actually drying. My mom just worked on a tomato video last week but I'm not sure if she's finished all of the steps in the process. She was working on both drying and then reconstituting them into sauces and suchAmanda

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