Vac Master Canister Set

Vac Master Canister Set

1/2 & 2.5 Quart Canister Set 

The VacMaster Canisters are perfect for food storage, keeping foods fresh up to five times longer. Their durable design and graduation marks makes it perfect for portion control and table-ready dishes. Plus, they are stackable, making storage a snap and the “Lock” and “Vacuum” features ensures secure and dependable seal. The VacMaster Canister is microwave and refrigerator safe making it convenient, easy to use and ideal to move, store, or place on the counter top for easy access.

Other features:

Stackable for easy storage
Ideal for fragile and crushable items
Graduated measuring marks for better portion control
Microwave and dishwasher (canister base only) safe.
BPA free
Our Price: $26.99

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